Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020

Seasonal Site Fees

2019 Season:

From May 7th until October 1st.


***Trailer Insurance Required***

Site fees for 2019:
**Site fees are based on 1 family per site (2 adults or 2 adults with 2 dependent children under the age of 18)

15 amp/water site fee: $1,785.00 + HST and hydro (10 garbage stickers included)

New Payment Schedule
Sept 1, 2018 – $600.00 + HST site deposit (non-refundable)
Feb 1, 2019 – $300.00 + HST instalment (cheques or email transfers only – non-refundable)
May 7, 2019 – $885.00 + HST + hydro and other options

* Fees are due in full by May 7th…you may leave post dated cheques
(dated the 1st of the month) as progress payments during the winter months (to help you budget easier)

** Extra premium on preferred sites**



A predetermined amount of hydro (ex. $250.00 or more) will be charged per site at the start of the season. You will be eligible for an energy savings credit at the end of the year for showing good stewardship by conserving the amount of electricity you use.


Upgrade hydro:
20 amp site $60.00 + HST/season
30 amp site $125.00 + HST/season
(some restrictions will apply, not all sites are able to have their electricity upgraded at this point)

High occupancy – $60.00 + HST/season: Site fees are based upon families camping here mainly weekends and for a couple of weeks of holidays. Sites camping for more than this will be charged this fee. Snow Birds $500.00 + HST/season or similar situation with no other permanent address and living at park for the entire season.

Personal Boat docks: depending upon availability of space 
Single user dock = $75 + HST for the first boat $20 each additional watercraft
Shared dock: $50 + HST/boat or watercraft

Boat Slip at Camp dock: $310.00 + HST/season or $150.00 + HST/month or $7.00 + HST/day
Outside slips or boats over 17’ $375.00 + HST/season

Septic tank pump out: $15.00/pump out $20.00 for a double tank (tax included)
$30.00 for an emergency pump-out
Final year-end pump out $20.00/each

Site lawn trimming = $100.00/season (tax included)

Picnic tables: any new picnic tables available for $20.00 + HST/season

Boat/utility trailer storage: all extra trailers shall be stored on your own campsite or taken out of the campground for the season or a $85.00 + HST/trailer charge will apply

Extra vehicles: one vehicle per adult/site permitted, extra vehicles $85+HST /vehicle

Off season boat storage: for boats being stored at the campground during the winter, Oct. 1st – May 7th is $85.00+HST/boat

Trailer winterization: water lines blown out, and up to 8 litres of RV antifreeze included $60.00 + HST

Deck building, landscaping and construction: jobs priced on an individual bases

Preferred Site Premiums:

A group site #’s 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 90, 91, 92 $335.00 + HST
B group site #’s 68, 69, 70 $220.00 + HST
C group site #’s 88, 89 $200.00 + HST
D group site #’s 71, 73 $155.00 + HST
E group site #’s 72, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 81 $100.00 + HST
F group site #’s 82, 82a As discussed



(If you would like an invoice before opening day, please email us at info@singletonlake.ca)

** No refunds available on fees**
**2%/month late fee**
**A 3% charge added on for seasonal site fee payments made with credit card**